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Stop whispering...

...start shouting.

Updated July 19th, 2011:
This journal remains a miscellany. I'm trying to put it on a more substantive track by posting my photography, but who knows. I really just like fangirling other LJ users and fangirling with other LJ users. Heh.

Due to the amount of spam comments that any and all of my public entries received, I have turned this LJ friends only. Even the floating post I had put up announcing the change got spam comments, even after putting the "type in the word below" security feature. Sucks to have to do it, but there you have it. If LJ could find a way of actually blocking spam (maybe they should ask Google for help), it would be wonderful...

I don't have a "friending policy". But if you friend me, and you don't send me a Private Message saying why (it can be simple: "I think we have a lot in common." "I'm a fangirl, too! OMGSQUEE!"), I most likely will not friend back.

A little about me - I am an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme. I am in Hokkaido, Japan for the foreseeable future and may or may not post about my life on this LJ. XD

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